Muscat – Omàn Recital CanTango Show

A great experience Recital CanTango, we just lived two week ago in Muscat Royal Theatrer, dancing and sharing the night with great musician Fabio Armiliato e Fabrizio Mocata.

Let`s see what the said:

Recital CanTANGO is an exploration of the connections between Italian Opera and Argentinian Tango Cancion (Tango Song) as it developed through Cinema at the beginning of the 20th century.

This unusual project was presented at the Royal Opera House Muscat for one night only last weekend. It came about as a result of a collaboration between two Italians: acclaimed belcanto tenor, Fabio Armiliato, and tango pianist and arranger, Fabrizio Mocata.

The link goes deeper: in the 1930s, the renowned Italian tenor, Tito Schipa, was captivated by Latin styles and spent long periods in Buenos Aries. While there the composer and star of the Argentinian Silver Screen, Carlos Gardel, took singing lessons from him and Tito’s influence on the genre has been felt ever since.

Accompanying the contemporary pair were 4 dancers, 5 musicians and an actress-singer, and what is clear from these top-notch performers is their cross-over connections between Europe and South America.

Florencia Labiano, whose signature leg-kicks are flamboyant and angular, and the virtuoso young Hernan Rodriguez, who have been in Italy for 11 years and dance a passionate, energetic style of tango.


You can find the complete article here! See you in the next Trip 😉

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